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Casual Wear in a Hurry

Easy and stylish outfits to take you from Friday night to Monday morning.
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Easy Ways to Add More Color to Your Wardrobe
Adding color to your wardrobe is a fun and simple way to show show off your style and taste.

Easy Halloween Costumes
You barely have time to get dressed in the morning, much less spend hours searching for a Halloween costume. The solution? Dress like your favorite TV show character with items you already have in your own closet. You just may win that "Best Costume" prize yet!

How to Find Jeans That Fit
There's a pair out there for everyone—how to find the jeans that will flatter your body.

Best Clothes to Wear Shopping

Whether you dread shopping or you're a clothes horse, making the experience easier and more pleasurable by wearing clothes you can get in and out of easily. In addition, always go with your hair and makeup done. The rumor is you'll get better service, but more importantly, you'll feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror!

Review: Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner
The Dyson Animal vacuum is said to remove cat, dog and other pet hair from your home using centrifugal forces up to 150,000 times the force of gravity. But aside from the scientific terms, does it actually work?

How to Score at a Vintage Store
Vintage shops can be a great place to find unique items. Find out how to get the most out of your vintage shop experience.


Tide Laundry Pods Review
The Tide Pods are a single use pod with three chambers that makes doing laundry easier and hassle-free.

How to Clean Out Your Closet
Find out the smartest strategies for cleaning our and organizing your closet.

Fast Fashion with Jenny Feldman of MyHabit.com
Jenny Feldman, the senior editor of MyHabit.com, shares her wardrobe strategies for being stylish in minimal time.

How to Wear Neon
Shy about wearing neon clothing? Check out these stylish tops, dresses, shoes and more.

How to Pack for a Beach Weekend Getaway
Got a beach weekend getaway on tap for this weekend? Lucky you! Find out everything you need to pack to stay stylish and comfortable all weekend long.

The 5 Bras You Must Own
Your wardrobe isn't complete unless you own these five bras.

Fast Fashion with June Ambrose
June Ambrose, celebrity stylist and host of VH1's Styled by June, shares her wardrobe strategies for being stylish in minimal time.

Easy Halloween Costumes
These easy and cheap Halloween costume ideas are ripped straight from the headlines and will earn you best Halloween costume at all your parties.

Support Breast Cancer with These Fashion and Beauty Products
October is breast cancer awareness month. Find out how you can support the cause—stylishly

Book Review: Wear This Now
The editors of SheFinds.com wrote a handy new book, subtitle "Your Style Solution for Every Season and Occasion

How to Look Good at the Gym
With clothes this cute, you'll want to go to the gym.

The Sexiest Lingerie for Valentine's Day
Looking for a sweet little nothing for him or you on Valentine's Day? Find the sexiest lingerie.

Maternity Clothing 101
Navigating the world of maternity clothing, can be especially daunting for the first time mom. Here's how.

The Top Jeans for Spring 2012
Check out the most flattering jean styles for spring 2013.

Must-Haves for September
This fall is a fashionista's dream with new and affordably priced lines launching from Nicole Richie and Jennifer Hudson.

Best Sweaters for Fall/Winter 2012
The best cashmere, cardigan, wool sweaters and more for fall/winter 2012.

The Most Stylish Winter Coats for Women
From parkas and car coats to trenches and more,find the winter coat for you

October Must Haves
Look for accessories and wardrobe additions that can be layered for warmth to help take you through to winter, including a colorful scarf, a fun pair of leather gloves and a chic new clutch.

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