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Joie top

Any good stylist knows you don't have to be a size 2 to look hot, it's all about accentuating your best features, and hiding the rest! Here are the rules for making the most of what you got!

Make sure it fits! The number-one mistake American women make is wearing their clothes either too loose or too tight. Here's a hint: If your shirt gapes open between your about-to-pop-off buttons when you sit, it's too tight. If your back fat and bra line is bulging out of the back of your dress, sorry, sweetie, but you need a bigger size. No smirking, mumu lovers! Sporting misshapen potato sacks is not attractive either. In fact, saggy mom jeans are so anti-sexy; I think they're a form of birth control in some countries. If you're trying to hide your weight under billowing dresses and stretched-out shirts, lo siento but these actually make you look bigger, and sloppy. Remember, clothing that shows off your body's natural silhouette, without stifling it, will always make you look neater and thinner.

If you have:

Fat arms-Avoid cap sleeves at all costs. The flutter sleeves that hit right on the shoulder draw eyes right to your beefy limbs. Go for 3/4 sleeves, they hide the fleshy bits, but still show some skin

Flabby middle-Whether you just had a baby, or you're a tad out of shape, avoid looking like a little Buddha not wearing dresses that tie or cinch at the waist. Instead, pull out that oldie-but-goodie empire dress that brings attention to your slimming neck and pretty face and away from your burrito belly.

Log legs and Cankles-Cankles are a common problem. Some women have undefined calves and ankles, making the leg one width from knee to foot. While most women with this affliction tend to wear jeans most of the time, skirts and dresses are a possibility. Pass on the knee-length pencil skirts and hip-hugging dresses that emphasize your legs and instead go for just-below-the-knee A-line skirts that flare out and minimize your gams. Also stay awake from ankle strap shoes that scream "Look, ma, no ankles!" Try, instead, open-toed slides that extend your leg line down to your toe and wedge heels that can balance out thick legs. Check out these best boots for fall.

Saddlebags- Rein them by avoiding stovepipe skinny jeans, which make your bum and hips look absurdly huge. Instead go for thinning dark-wash jeans in a bootcut that balances out your hips. On the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans? Check out jeans for every body type and watch this video on how to find jeans that fit. Also, skip on bias-cut dresses and skirts that will cling to your curves and make a beeline for A-line cut clothing that hides your baggage.

Monster boobs-Never let the girls out with some support. Google a picture of Drew Barrymore from the 2006 Golden Globes Awards and use that as a cautionary tale. Dresses and tops with sweetheart necks are eternally flattering because they show just a hint of cleavage without looking vulgar. And try to accent your waistline with wrap dresses or belts, as full cups tend to make women look heavier than they are.

No boobs-What's nice about small breasts is that you can get away with wearing trendy clothes at cheapie stores because they're often cut for teenage girls. That's some consolation isn't it? If you want to feel more bosomly, pick up a padded bra. There's a reason these bra's start with superlatives like wonder and miracle. And if your feeling au naturel, wear a sexy halter cut dress or top that highlights your shoulders and décolletage.

Good posture and great heels go a long way.

Have you noticed that dancers always appear taller and leaner than they really are? It's their great posture. Practice drawing your shoulders back, which will elongate your neck and give you the impression of more height. Of course, you could always don some stilettos, which makes you look long and lean with a quickness! And pair with a killer red lipstick, and you'll exude easy confidence, regardless of what you're was wearing.

Did You Know:

Eight out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size because they haven't been fitted in years. If you can't remember the last time you bought a bra, run don't walk, to a lingerie or department store. Many stores offer free fittings, so take advantage and learn what size cup and band measurement you are. They also offer great pointers about adjusting bra straps for perkier boobs, and finding a size that lies-not digs-into your back; both slight adjustments that can make you look taller and skinnier. Read on for tips from a bra fitting expert.

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