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Fast Fashion with Jenny Feldman of MyHabit.com


Fast Fashion with Jenny Feldman of MyHabit.com

Jenny Feldman, MyHabit Senior Fashion Editor, shares her secrets for getting dressed quickly, organizing and her fashion picks for spring. Feldman has over a decade of experience working in the fashion industry at Elle, Nylon and Glamour and is a busy mom of two toddlers. Not familiar with MyHabit? It's Amazon's flash sale site with designer lines at up to 60 percent off. The site offers free shipping and returns, unlike some other similar ones.

Describe what your daily life is like. How busy are you?
Extremely. I am a working mom of two kids under the age of 3. A typical weekday I'm out of bed by 7, out of the house by 8:15, and not home until after 8 pm. Not to mention, I live all the way on the northernmost tip of Manhattan and commute daily to midtown with stops on the upper west side to drop off my older daughter at school.

The golden rule is to always pick out your outfit the night before. Even if you don't have time to lay it out, mentally put together all the details.

If we looked in your closet, how would we find it arranged?
It's not. Unfortunately the limited space situation in New York City makes me far less organized than I would like to be. 

What are five items of clothing every busy woman should own for the office?

  • A pencil skirt
  • button down shirt in bright color
  • black long-sleeve dress
  • silk print dress
  • and skinny pants

What are five items of clothing every busy woman should own for the weekend?

  • A chambray shirt
  • white jeans
  • colored jeans
  • striped tee
  • and wide-leg trousers

What are five items of clothing every busy woman should own for the evening?

  • A black lace blouse,
  • something animal-print like a fun dress
  • a black dress (different or the same as the office version - can't go wrong)
  • a sequin top
  • a tulip skirt

What three pairs of shoes should every woman own?

  • Ankle booties in black or brown
  • moccasins
  • and leopard pumps

What's the most versatile style of handbag?
The satchel. I like the Mulberry Alexa in basic black. I also like bucket bags, like the classic Coach.

What are some smart shopping strategies for a busy woman?
Shop online. Done.

What trend are you must excited about for spring/summer 2012?
Color-block accessories.

What are some key pieces to help women transition their wardrobes to the warmer weather?

  • A classic navy blazer is key to polish everything you own for work, to layer over pretty spring blouses, and to keep away the chill factor. Navy looks great with bright spring colors, and won't look outdated come fall.
  • Platform sandals or wedges are the perfect transitional shoe. They work with black opaque tights or barelegged, but the chunkier the better if you're going to mix with hosiery. Avoid delicate sandals until truly warm weather has arrived.
  • Everyone's wearing colored denim. Say goodbye to boring winter darks with practical jeans that will keep your legs covered. My favorite colors this year are citrus orange, chartreuse, watermelon and grass green.
  • Invest in many high-quality heather grey t-shirts. These layer beautifully with a variety of looks and provide an extra bit of warmth when worn under a lightweight sweater or trench.
  • White cotton pants are your friend. Roll them up casually and then dress with a chambray shirt, a pair of nice, high pumps and that aforementioned navy jacket.
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