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Book Review: Wear This Now


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I’ve long been a fan of SheFinds.com for its celebrity style coverage, steals and deals section and practical advice on how to wear the latest trends, like this season’s ubiquitous sequin skirt. So I knew that when the book came out, it was going to be good.

The title of this book, Wear This Now, Your Style Solution for Every Season and Any Occasion, is no exaggeration. After introductory chapters on the obligatory organizing your closet, figuring out how to dress for your body type and tips on how to “Shop Like a Pro,” authors Michelle Madhok, She Finds Media CEO and founder and, Eileen Conlan, Senior Editor, get into the nitty gritty good stuff.

The remainder of the book is organized by season, starting with Winter and “Your Ultimate Winter Wardrobe.” I like that it’s not just about trends or finding your own style, like so many other fashion books out there. It has real tips like how to chose a colorful winter coat, finding boots that flatter your body and how to wear dresses and skirts without freezing (I will be investing in a pair of Plush fleece tights, pronto!) The book even addresses real world problems like how to dress when your office is sweltering, how to stay warm on your way to a formal holiday party and how to beat the midwinter fashion slump. (Hint: It’s all about a belt.)

For Spring, “Look Tres Chic All Spring” the duo cover the question is a Burberry Trench worth it, answering with their Fashion Math Equation, (dividing cost by number of expected wears) and come up with a yes. (I second that. I’ve had mine for five years and it is a classic wardrobe staple. Other topics in the chapter include how to wear multiple prints at once and how to look cute at a baseball game.

For Summer, “Sizzle with Summer Style,” the authors are on to swimsuits, dressing for a heat wave and the sometimes tricky subject of dressing for a heat wave. Also included in this warm weather chapter is what to wear to a barbecue, the beach, camping, a music festival and that eternal style challenge: the company picnic.

In “No-Fail Fashion for Fall” how to transition your summer clothes into fall, find jeans that fit and wear a long cardigan without looking frumpy are the hot topics.

In each chapter, you’ll find how to best organize your closet, what to shop for at the sales, and specific style conundrums.

The final part of the book is a fashion calendar, with helpful suggestions on what to wear on holidays from New Year’s Eve to Memorial Day to Thanksgiving. Next up is “Survival Year-Round: Simple Wardrobe Solutions for Fashion Stroms”, with advice on how to handle all those tricky topics that we’ve all likely experienced like a job interview at a workplace with a strict or a casual dress code; when you think you might run into your ex and dressing for the dog run.

The remaining chapters are devoted to weddings, vacation style (including how to dress to get bumped up to first class, and super special occasions like graduation, birthdays and when you think he’s going to propose.

Throughout the book, you’ll see adorable and chic illustrations by Abigal Smith. These, along with the humor throughout, make Wear This Now an engaging and helpful read. If you read this, I promise you really will be done with what the authors call “The Closet Stare” once and for all!

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