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Time-Saving Travel Tips

Smart packing advice and traveling tips for vacations and business trips.

Smart Packing Tips
You'll never have to check your luggage again once you read these smart packing tips.

Liquids in Your Carry On
Current FAA restrictions allow travelers to carry on a single 1-gallon sized plastic zip top bag with no individual product larger than 3.4 oz. Save room for the must-have liquids with these smart substitutions.

Packing Checklist for the Beach
You’ll never forget anything on a beach vacation again when you use this handy packing checklist.

Packing Checklist for the City
Make packing for your trip a cinch, with this handy packing checklist.

Self-Tanning on the Cheap
Drugstore self-tanners that will have you tanned by the time the wheels touch down in paradise.

Travel Luggage for Less
Smart luggage for all your travels.

The Best Swimsuit for You
Whether you want to make the most of your figure or find a bathing suit that can hold up during a game of beach volleyball, we found the suit for you.

How to Pack for a Beach Weekend Getaway
Got a beach weekend getaway on tap for this weekend? Lucky you! Find out everything you need to pack to stay stylish and comfortable all weekend long.

Beach Packing List — Beauty Products
Deciding which beauty products to bring to the beach can be as challenging as figuring out what clothes to pack. With this list, you'll be sure to have everything you need.

The Cutest Swimsuit Coverups 2012
Finding the right swimwear is only half the battle, it's also essential to have a cute swim suit cover up when you head to the beach or the pool. Here are some of the cutest options for summer 2012.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Review
A spray that does the work of an iron sounds like the best thing since sliced bread. How does it perform in reality?

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