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Must-Have Faux Fur Accessories


To instantly make any winter outfit chic—not to mention warm—throw on a faux fur accessory. They are inexpensive and run the gamut from scarves to shoes to bags to jackets and vests.

1. Faux Fur Jacket

faux fur jacket

If you're looking for a jacket to wear to all your holiday parties, look no further: This Ella Moss Deville Faux Fur Jacket is just the thing. The sexy faux-leopard print will go with all your cocktail party outfits. The jacket features a crew neck, open front and three-quarter length sleeves. It's cropped fit hits at your waist for a flattering fit.

The Ella Moss Deville Faux Fur Jacket is available in sizes extra-small through large.

2. Faux Fur Scarf

faux fur scarf

Add a touch of style to any coat, jacket or heavy outdoor sweater. This faux fur scarf from J. Jill is ultra-soft and a beautiful mink-like color. No one will be able to tell it's not the real thing!

3. Faux Fur Snood

faux fur snood

For a step up from a scarf, try a faux fur snood. It's an endless loop of scarf that will keep you totally warm because there are no gaps—simply slip it over your head for instant warmth. This Coldwater Creek Winter Plush Snood helps to turn any coat into a fur-trimmed options.

4. Faux Fur Trapper Hat

faux fur trapper hat

On a snowy day, nothing keeps you as warm as a faux fur hat. This one from Juicy Couture has the added advantage of being a brilliant blue that will keep you from getting, well, blue, when the bad weather strikes. The hat features a snapped brim and black chord with matching pom-poms. Wear with your warmest puffy coat.

5. Faux Fur Cossak Hat

faux fur Cossack

If a brilliantly-colored trapper hat is not for you, try a traditional faux fur Cossak Hat on for size. This one from ASOS is made of 51 percent Modacrylic and 49 percent Polyester with a 100 percent Polyester lining. The "fur" on this Russian style hat makes all hair colors look beautiful!

6. Faux Fur Booties

faux fur bootie

Get your feet in on the faux fur action too, with a warm pair of faux-fur trimmed booties. These Michael Michael Kors Lara Ankle Boots will keep your feet dry—and you looking fashionable. The booties feature a 1-inche rubber platform, 4½-inch -rubber wedge and leather upper. The height of the platform wedge and the fact that it's rubber means you can splash through any puddle with confidence.

Michael Michael Kors Lara Ankle Boots are available in sizes five through 10.

7. Faux Fur Vest

faux fur vest

For that "I-just-got-back-from-Apsen" look, slip on a faux fur vest. This Featherd Faux Fur Vest from Express will have them all fooled that it's the real thing. Wear with skinny jeans, boots and a slim fit sweater for a no-brainer, weekend look.

The Express Featherd Faux Fur Vest measures 21-inches in length and is fully-lined. It is available in sizes extra-small through large.

8. Faux Fur Mittens

faux fur mittens

Add a touch of old world charm to your winter wear with a pair of faux fur mittens. These extra long ASOS Faux Fur and Knit Mittens reach up your forearm and have a faux fur top to help keep your hands and arms extra warm on even the chilliest of days. Because of their longer length, they're also great for wearing with a 3/4-length jacket.

ASOS Faux Fur and Knit Mittens are available in gray or tan and are one-size fits all/

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