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Make Hair Color Last Longer


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Blonde, brunette, redhead or covering gray. No matter what shade you are, sitting in the salon chair for 90 minutes every month is a serious time drain. It's also not necessary. I checked in with my favorite colorist, Joseph Mullen of New York's Blackstone Salon for tips on making your color last longer. Joseph is not just any colorist, he's the man I've entrusted my own color to for the past 5 years. Trust me, he knows what he's talking about.

Low-Maintenance Hair Color

The greater the change, the more frequent touch ups required, because your roots are that much more obvious. Joseph says if you stick within two to three shades or your natural color, you'll be able to maximize your time between salon visits.

Highlights Last Longer Than Single Process

Highlights are a better choice than a single process because your natural color shows through, so it won't be as obvious when the color starts to grow out. However, highlights typically take longer to apply than single process. To save time - and money-ask your colorist for a half a head of highlights. Get a full head of highlights ever other time or every third.

Shampoo to Make Hair Color Last Longer

Use a mild shampoo without sulfates or sodium chloride. Joseph likes Pureology Hyrdate to maintain color. If your color has faded, try a color deposit shampoo once a week. As the name suggests, these add color back into your hair. Joseph recommends Bumble & Bumble Color Support, which comes in a range of five colors.

Wash Hair Less

Better than any shampoo is to try to wash your hair less. That's because water and shampoo rinses away your color. To keep your style looking fresh, use a dry shampoo. Read my tips for making a blowout last longer.

Gloss to Make Hair Color Last Longer

Many salons, including Blackstone, offer glosses free of charge as a way for clients to extend the life of their hair color. Glosses are applied in the salon and take about 10 minutes. At home glosses are another option. I like the John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze.

Temporary Hair Color

If you're 80 percent gray, especially around the hairline, try a product like Color Mark. It goes on like a mascara to cover roots. It will wash out though, so it's not a good solution for the long term.

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