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10 Ways to Look Less Tired


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Whether you’re at the point in your life where you’re burning the midnight oil at work, being woken up at regular intervals by a baby or spent a late night partying—we all have mornings when we need to fake looking awake. Read on for tips on looking bright eyed.

1. Moisturize
Our skin replenishes and repairs itself at nighttime. If you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, you’re cells will be starving for attention. Use a skin brightening moisturizer, like Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. It has light defusing particles to reflect light and help your complexion look more even. Apply the moisturizer with a little more pressure than usual while lightly massaging your face. This will help remove any bloating and puffiness.

Another smart option is a beauty balm cream, which moisturizes, adds light coverage to erase redness and has a SPF for protection. Dr. Jart’s is a favorite.

2. Skip the Powder
Powder has its purposes, but after a long night, it can make your skin look chalky or overly dry. Try a tinted moisturizer or light foundation instead to even out your skin tone and add a dewy finish. A favorite is Tarte Smooth Operator with SPF 20.

3. Line Your Eyes With a Nude or White Pencil.
This is a favorite trick of makeup artists’ to making your eyes look white and bright. Line the waterline with a nude or white pencil to cover up any redness.

4. Mascara is a Must.
You know how you feel when you forgot your mascara? Don’t do that to yourself today. Make eyes look exceptionally open and bright by curling lashes first, then topping with a volumizing mascara for extra lift.

5. Warm Up With Blush.
Don’t show up to work looking like death warmed over. A pop of peach or pink blush adds life and energy to your cheeks. Stay away from bronzer which can look fake and unnatural on pale, tired skin.

6. Go for the Gloss
When you’re dehydrated, it shows on your lips in the fork of cakeys and crustys. Skip the longwearing or matte lipstick and go for a colored balm or a moisturizing gloss. These will add color while hydrating your lips. Try Fresh Tinted Lip Treatments in Rose, Honey or Plum for a soothing splash of color.

7. Wear Your Hair Down

While the temptation is likely strong for you to throw your hair back in a pony, tightly pulled back hair will only emphasize tired eyes and a lackluster complexion. Instead, brush it and add a little product to bring it back to life: for greasy hair, try a dry shampoo. For frizzy or damaged looking hair, opt for a smoothing balm.

8. Wear Bright Colors
While it can be tempting to reach for your favorite black sweater and wrap yourself in a mini-cocoon all day, wearing a bright color like electric blue or grape will lift your spirits and naturally create more energy on the days when you’re feeling low.

9. Play With Your Accessories.
One of my favorite tricks to distract from a bad hair day or a day when I’ve got a pimple is to wear a flashy or conversational accessory, like a charm shaped like a saltine. Everyone’s eyes will go directly to it and no one will notice what’s going on directly above. Trust me on this one!

10. Spritz on an Energizing Scent
A citrus-y scent with oranges or grapefruits instantly revives and can be that push to get you through those late afternoon meetings.

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