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How to Create Bright Eyes


COVERGIRL Beauty Salon with Celebrity Makeup Artist Molly R. Stern
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All us time-pressed ladies need to know how to fake a good night's sleep. In addition to a miracle-working concealer, eye shadow can be used to create bright eyes. Molly R. Stern, CoverGirl and celebrity makeup artist who has worked with celebs including Amy Adams and Leighton Meester, shared her tips on getting the “brightest eye yet.”

Molly recommends using the CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Eyeshadow. These four shadows come in specially selected hues to compliment a specific eye color-blue, brown, green and hazel. As Molly says, “It takes the guess work out of shade selection.” The shadows can also be worn separately.

I personally love that the shadows comes with directions printed right on the compact. How many times have you thrown out a box, only to realize all the instructions were listed on it? Plus it comes with a nice fluffy eye shadow brush, a first CoverGirl.

Follow Molly's tips to create a bright eye:

1. Apply the lightest color #1 from the lashline to the brow bone with the eye shadow brush. (Note: All the colors are clearly labeled on the compact and go from lightest to darkest.)

2. Follow with color #2 and apply it at the inner corners with the pointier side of the brush to make eyes pop.

3. Use the pointy side to apply shadow #3 into the crease of the eyelid to give definition.

4. Next, use the traditional, spongey applicator for color #4, the darkest. Smudge the color along the lash line for Spongey pointy side to smudge.

5. Finish with an eye-brightening mascara and you're done!

Watch Molly's tutorial on creating a bright eye.

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