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Easy Halloween Costumes


No need to stress, spend hours preparing or lots of money at the costume shop. These easy Halloween costume ideas taken straight from the year’s headlines and most popular TV shows and movies and are practically guaranteed to earn you that best costume award at all the parties you hit. Best of all, you likely already have the makings right in your own closet!

1. Katniss Costume

Forget team Peta or team Gale—we’re all Team Katniss. To recreate the heroine of the Hunger Games trilogy iconic look, pull on a pair of cargo pants, a black tank and a black or charcoal windbreaker. The key is to sidebraid your hair and carry a bow and arrow (it can be miniature and probably should be fake). Extra points for scoring Katniss’s signature mocking jay pin.

2. Anastasia Steele Costume from 50 Shades of Grey

Love it or hate it, the trilogy of sexy books, 50 Shades of Grey, etc., was a monster hit this year. To dress as Anastasia Steele, the book’s naïve, young heroine, slip on a “plum-colored sheath”, like the one Anastasia frequently borrows from her roommate. Add a pair of high heels and hand cuffs and you’re ready to go. Just don’t lose the key!

If you’re going with a date, have him dress in a suit and Christian Grey’s requisite gray tie.

3. Hannah from Girls Costume

To dress as indie star Hannah from the HBO show Girls, reach into the depths of your closet to find those rumpled and ill-fitting clothes that you favored five or ten years ago. Hannah loves prints, colors, cardis and comfortable shoes. She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or spend a lot of time brushing her hair, so this is a super-easy look. Don’t forget the colored, holey tights.

4. Snooki as a New Mom Costume

Everyone’s favorite guidette is a proud new momma. To dress as Jersey Shore’s Snooki, break out the tight and short leopard print minidress. You’ll definitely need a spray tan and lots of black eye liner and tease your hair into her signature poof. Grab a baby doll to stand in for baby Lorenzo.

5. Annie Costume

Annie the musical is headed back to Broadway this fall and early word is that it’s going to be a mega hit. To dress as everyone’s favorite orphan, invest in a curly red wig, then sport a red minidress, add a white collared shirt underneath and a skinny white belt. For shoes, go with red sneakers or black Mary Janes (if you can find them in your size!).

6. The Fab 5 Costume

If you’re headed to a Halloween party with a group of friends—four others, to be exact—dress as the Fab 5 gold medal winning U.S. gymnastics team. You can get away with matching red, white and/or blue track suits with leotards underneath, then pull your hair back into a tight, gelled ponytail. Just make sure you are all wearing your gold medals proudly!

7. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

For the best couple costume winner, you can’t beat newly engaged Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. The gorgeous duo seemingly always dress alike: he in a leather jacket, black t-shirt and jeans and black lace up booties. Jennifer’s signature look is rolled boyfriend jeans, a black top and jacket and black lace up booties. Be sure to add a mega-sized engagement ring!
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