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Tide Laundry Pods Review

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Tide Pods Laundry Detergent Capsules
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When was the last time you got excited about your laundry? If you’re like me, then, um…, probably never. But the new Tide Pods aim to change that. Do they deliver?

How the Tide Pods Work

The Tide Pods are a single use pod with three chambers: The large one contains detergent and the smaller two have stain remover and brightener. The pod is made of a film, which magically disintegrates when it comes in contact with water of any temperature, including cold. So if you’re one of the 40 percent of Americans who washes his or her laundry in cold water, the Pods will still work for you.

The Pods are heat resistant, so if you leave it in the trunk of your car, you won’t come back to a gooey mess.

The formula inside the Tide Pods is only 10 percent water, which helps keep them small. There are three chambers so the detergent, remover and brightener stay separate until you’re ready to wash.

How do you use the Tide Pods

It is recommended that you place the pod at the bottom of the drum of the washing machine before you put in any clothes, regardless of if you’re using a front-loading machine or top-loading machine.

You don’t have to measure, so there are no drips or spills.

Because the pods contains stain remover, there’s no need to pre-treat clothes.

How do the Tide Pods work

I was very pleased with the Tide Pods. My favorite part is that they’re so portable. I live in an apartment building and the laundry machines are in the basement. Before, I would by a large bottle of detergent and pour a small amount into a smaller container, to avoid lugging the 5 pound bottle downstairs, along with my over-size sack of laundry. Needless to say, that was messy and inconvenient.

I like that I don’t have to measure or pour anything out with the Pods. I simply throw it in the machine and I’m done.

My clothes post-wash were clean and fresh-smelling. (I used Spring Meadow. The Pods are available in three scents, Spring Meadow, Ocean Mist and Mystic Forest.)

Are the Tide Pods Right for You?

It is estimated that using the Tide Pods will save you an hour over the course of the year. That may not sound like a huge amount, but think of all those days when you long for an extra 30 seconds. It adds up!

I'm personally a huge fan of the Pods because of their convenient size. While the average load of laundry weighs 7 pounds, according to Tide, I always do at least two loads when I do my laundry for a total of 14 pounds, so a compact detergent is a boon to my tired shoulders.

The Pods are also environmentally friendly. Heating the water for the laundry is the number one use of energy when it comes to doing laundry, so it's important to know you can use these in cold water. (I'll confess, I usually do my laundry on the warm setting.) The packaging is also significantly smaller and lighter than with traditional detergents, so the Tide Pods use less fuel and energy when shipping.

The price of the pods is a bit higher than for liquid detergent, but it may well be worth it. An impressive 97 percent of consumers reported being satisfied with the time, effort and excellent results with the Tide Pods as compared to only 68 percent of other consumers, reports the company.

The suggested retail price of Tide Pods is $9.99 for 35 pods.

This review was based on a free sample.

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