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Best On-the-Go Teeth Whitening Product

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Best On-the-Go Teeth Whitening Product
After many years of painful orthodontia, an hour or two spent under a blue light to bleach my teeth and more trips to the dentist than I care to remember, I finally have the pearly white smile of my dreams. And I plan to do everything I can to keep it that way. That’s where the Go Smile Touch Up Smile Perfecting Ampoules come in.

How do the GoSmile Touch Ups work?

The one-use ampoules contain a daily-use level of hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth on the go.

How do I use the whitening ampoules?

I keep a pack in my purse to use after a particularly teeth-staining beverage or meal. Coffee, red wine and anything with tomato sauce are the main culprits.

To use the ampoule, rinse your mouth with water first. Pinch the ampoule so it cracks, then turn it upside down until the cotton end is soaked in the hydrogen peroxide solution. Wipe it on your teeth to remove stains and instantly brighten. Avoid eating or drink anything for at least 15 minutes afterward.

How did the teeth whitening product perform?

My teeth felt fresh and clean after I used these. I particularly like the watermelon mint. (The GoSmile Ampoules also come in green apple and fresh mint.) My teeth did look whiter and brighter, as if I had just brushed.

Note: I have had my teeth whitened before. GoSmile Touch Up Smile Perfecting Ampoules aren’t intended for major bleaching, more, as the name implies, for touch ups.

Who are the Go Smile Touch Ups right for?

The Go Smile Ampoules are right for anyone who wants to keep their smile bright and white without investing a lot of time and effort. The ampoules are perfect for popping in your purse and touching up your smile on the go.

The Go Smile Ampoules aren’t intended for major bleaching. They clean your teeth on the go before stains have a chance to set in. If you haven’t had your teeth whitened, you may want to consider using a product with a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide or make an appointment with your dentist for professional whitening.

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