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Best Facial Peel - Clinique Turnaround Radiance Peel

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Best Facial Peel - Clinique Turnaround Radiance Peel

Clinique Turnaround Radiance Peel

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I love all facials, from indulgent ones at a fancy spa to effective cosmeceutical facials at my dermatologist's office. But who has the time for either? Good news: Even the most-time pressed women can get gorgeous results with Clinique Turnaround Radiance Peel. It's a 30-second at-home facial.

How Does the Peel Work?

The once-a-week Clinique's Turnaround Radiance Peel comes with eight vials of peel and a Calming Cream. The peel has 30 percent glycolic acid, which effectively, yet gently, removes dead skin cells. Regular use improves skin's appearance and texture and may reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. I'm personally a peel addict because, simply put, peels give my skin an instant glow. The Clinique's Turnaround Radiance Peel is the same type of peel you could get at a doctor's office, but at a lower, safer-for-at-home-use concentration.

How Do I Use the Peel?

It couldn't be any easier: Once a week, in the evening, after you have washed your face, soak a cotton pad with one vial of Radiance Peel and sweep it all over your face. I usually pour half on at a time. I start by rubbing it gently on my forehead, then work down the bridge of my nose to my chin, then out to my cheeks. I use the second half of the vial on my neck and decolletage. Don't use it on your eye area.

You may experience a slight tingling. I'm one of those weird people who enjoy this, because it makes me feel like the product is really working. Note: Don't wash off the peel.

Let the peel soak in for a minute or two, then apply the Calming Cream (included in the kit), then follow with your moisturizer. Because the peel has glycolic acid, I find that it's best to use a moisturizer that is soothing and does not have any additional alpha hyrdoxy acids (AHAs), which could irritate your skin.

How Did the Peel Perform?

The peel has a slight chemical smell, not surprising given its high glycolic acid concentration. It did make my eyes tear up a bit. The morning after I used it, I had noticeably softer and brighter skin. Those results intensified with each consecutive use. I honestly couldn't be happier with the results.

Is the Peel Right for Me?

The Clinique's Turnaround Radiance Peel is recommended for those with oily or combination skins. That said, my skin tends to be on the drier side and slightly sensitive and I was able to use it without any adverse reactions. (I have had peels before.)

The 8-week peel is ideal for when you're preparing for a big event like a wedding or whenever you feel your skin needs a boost.

At $55 for the kit, the Clinique's Turnaround Radiance Peel is a bargain, especially when you consider a single peel at a spa or derm's office could cost twice that.

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