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Holiday Gift Ideas for Her


Find a thoughtful holiday gift for all the women on your list—and maybe one or two for you, too! There's something for everyone from your coolest friend to your biggest homebody friend. Plus they're all easy to find and most are under $100.

1. For the Champage Lover

marc jacobs veuve clicqu

Is she the type who orders bubbly even when it's not a holiday? She'll adore these Marc Jacobs Veuve Clicquot fingerless gloves. They come in the legendary Champagne's house signature yellow (the same one you'll find on its labels.

The Marc Jacobs Veuve Clicquot cashmere gloves are an affordable $35.

2. For the Horoscope Lover

zodiac necklace

If she won't schedule an interview or a party without checking her horoscope first, this Rebecca Minkoff Zodiac necklace is the smart gift to get. The 16-inch gold tone stainless steel necklace is equal parts name plate and Zodiac chic.

The Rebecca Minkoff Zodiac necklace is $78.

3. For the Do-Gooder


For your friend who always puts everyone else first, select a gift from the FEED holiday collection. Each item will provide a set amount of meals for hungry children around the world. Proceeds from this FEED Joy Stocking provide a child with five school meals, for example.

The FEED Joy Stocking is $25.

4. For Your Preppy Friend

c wonder bracelets

If she's the type who you'll never catch out of button downs and khakis, she'll love an enamel initial cuff bracelet from C. Wonder. The skinny bangles come in a range of colors for every letter of the alphabet.

The C. Wonder enamel initial cuff bracelet is $48.

5. For Your Fashionista Friend

kate spade purse

For your friend who sets the trends and never follows them, invest in this Kate Spade Brightspot Avenue Sally. The slim crossbody bag comes in neon pink with festive neon orange trim. The leather bag has a turn lock clousre and measures 7.25-inches long by 5-inches by 1.5-inches wide with a 22-inch drop.

The Kate Spade Brightspot Avenue Sally also comes in bright yellow or orange and costs $158.

6. For Your Fragrance Lover Friend

clinique happy

Perfume can be such a hard gift to buy for someone since each scent smells different on everyone. To solve this problem, pick up a sampler like Clinique Complete Happiness. It contains travel sizes (0.24 fluid ounces) of:

  • Clinique Happy Perfume Spray
  • Clinique Happy Heart Perfume Spray
  • Clinique Happy In Bloom Perfume Spray
  • Clinique Wealth of Flowers Perfume Spray
  • Clinique Hint of Citrus Perfume Spray

Clinique Complete Happiness retails for $39.50.

7. For Your Super Cool Friend

brian atwood gloves

Do you have one of those friend's who knows what's hip before anyone else? She probably dip-dyed the ends of her hair three years ago and read Gone Girl before anyone else in your group. She'll appreciate these Brian Atwood studded leather gloves from the Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection. They are as sexy as they are functional.

The Brian Atwood Gloves for Target + Neiman Marcus come in small/medium and medium/large and are $49.99

8. For Your Homebody Friend


For the friend who is more likely to be at home on Friday night catching up on her DVR'd shows from the week and munching on popcorn, skip the glam accessories and go for cozy pajamas. These from Nick & Nora are soft—100 percent cotton soft—with a drawstring bottom. They feature adorable drawings of a sock monkey.

The Nick & Nora pajamas come in small through extra, extra, extra large and are $24.99.

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