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Dry Skin Relief

By January 30, 2013

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There have been moments this winter when I have felt like the ichiest person in America! Even though I know all the things I'm supposed to be doing and was doing them all--or at least I thought I was--I was still scratching non-stop. I even went so far as to cut my nails really short to make scratching less damaging.

The only time I've found relief? When I went on a short trip to Miami. My skin started feeling better, practically the minute I stepped off the plane, thanks to the high humidity in the air. It made me realize that even though I was using my humidifier at home on a nightly basis, maybe I wasn't using it the right way.

I checked in with my favorite dermatologist, Dr. Doris Day. She recommends setting the humidifier on the warm setting and cranking it up high enough that water droplets just start to from on the inside of your window. I switched from warm to cold and set mine at twice the power I had it on previously and guess what? I am no longer itchy and scratchy.

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